Video MAC – Instant Artistry: Ageless Eyes | MAC Cosmetics

Video MAC ✅ Instant Artistry: Ageless Eyes | MAC Cosmetics

Senior Artist Michelle-Lee Collins shares her technique for brightening and lifting the eye, a flawless look for any age.

1. Apply Prep + Prime 24-Hour Extend Eye Base with the 252 Brush in one clean, sweeping motion.
2. Apply a mid-tone satin eye shadow, starting from the bottom of the eye and sweeping in toward the temple. Then apply the same eye shadow across the eyelid.
3. Using Technakohl Liner, start at the highest point of the top lash line and roughly draw a straight line, stopping at the end of the eye.
4. Blend the liner with the 239 Brush, softening any edges.
5. Gently rim the bottom waterline with Technakhol Liner and use the 239 Brush to blend out into the eye shadow.
6. Using the same 239 Brush, softly blur the edges of the liner into a slightly lighter eye shadow.
7. Finish the look with layers of Extended Play Lash applied to the top and bottom lashes for maximum definition.

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