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Serbia snatched a last-minute 1-1 draw against Slovenia in Group C of Euro 2024

Former Real Madrid striker Luka Jovic scored in the seventh minute of added time, helping Serbia draw 1-1 with Slovenia in Group C of Euro 2024. In the extra time of the second half, the camera constantly turned to Serbian fans. However, they no longer had the mood to notice their worried faces appearing on the big screen, a few people were holding their heads thinking about the prospect of their team suffering a second consecutive defeat.

England managed to secure a 1-1 draw against Denmark in the Group C match of Euro 2024.

Another long-range masterpiece at Euro 2024 helped Denmark to a 1-1 draw with England in the second round of Group C. After the final whistle, many English players sat down on the pitch, panting. Even in the last few minutes, center-back John Stones and a few teammates showed signs of exhaustion, seemingly not because they had fought hard to create a good game.

Guler scores a masterpiece, securing 3 points for Turkey

The match between Turkey and Georgia was one of the most exciting matches in the first round of EURO 2024. Eventually, the more superior team won. Turkey scorers: Muldur (25'), Guler (65'), Akturkoglu (90'+7) Georgia: Mikautadze (32')
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