Video The most luxurious Mercedes: EQS SUV review!

Video Mercedes-Benz ✅ Mat’s finally had a chance to get his hands on the Mercedes EQS SUV! That’s right, Mercedes’s range-topping all-electric saloon is now available as an SUV, and Mat’s about to see if it has what it takes to compete with class leaders like the Tesla Model X! ✅ The most luxurious Mercedes: EQS SUV review!

So does it have what it takes? Well, let’s take a closer look. For starters, it looks relatively smart from the outside, although it doesn’t have much of an imposing presence for such a big (and expensive!) SUV. It looks a bit nondescript truth be told.

Thankfully though, the inside is super luxurious and more than fits the big price tag! There are high-quality materials throughout the cabin, and it comes fitted with the same hyper-screen infotainment system as found in the EQS saloon. Passengers in the back even have the option to adjust their seats, and there’s even the option to add a third row of seats if needed!

There are two editions of the EQS SUV available, with the range-topper being the 580. This comes equipped with two electric motors that can deliver 544hp and 858Nm of torque. It’ll also shoot you to 60mph in just 4.7 seconds!

Here’s the thing though, the price starts at £130,000 in the UK!! So is it worth it? You’ll have to stick with Mat to find out!

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