Video Hyundai | 2023 Genesis G90 – Ready to fight the luxurious S-Class (for less)?

Video Hyundai ✅ At its starting price of $88,400, the 2023 Genesis G90 luxury sedan comes comprehensively equipped with the brand’s entire Highway Driving Assist suite of safety and driver assistance features. It also brings Digital Key 2 to the G90 lineup for the first time. Using sensors positioned around the vehicle, Ultra-Wideband (UWB) allows drivers to automatically unlock their vehicle as they approach, using only their compatible Apple iPhone, Apple Watch or Samsung phone. The Digital Keys are paired using Apple Wallet and Samsung Pass. The vehicle intelligently recognizes the driver and automatically authenticates them, loading their customized vehicle preferences. Genesis Digital Key 2 also allows the vehicle owner to securely share keys with others. For example, a driver with an Apple device may share their key with another via iMessage, and also limit access to the vehicle with the click of a button. ✅ 2023 Genesis G90 – Ready to fight the luxurious S-Class (for less)?

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G90 also brings Mood Curator, an all-new feature, to the Genesis lineup for the first time. Mood Curator enables integrated control of features like ambient lighting, the sound system, the fragrance system, massage seats, and electric curtains, to create an ambient environment that further enhances the passenger experience. The car offers four different mood modes, each of which can be customized for a high level of personalization.

In its second configuration at an MSRP of $98,700, G90 brings a host of available new features to the Genesis lineup, elevating the driving experience. Advanced technologies including Multi-Chamber Air Suspension and Rear Wheel Steering offer a comfortable and quiet ride, complemented by the Easy Close Power Doors and rear-passenger massage seats that complete the serene cabin.

Virtual Venues Live is a virtual, 3D-surround sound function, only available in G90. It recreates the sound characteristics of spaces that are optimized for certain types of music featuring settings such as Boston Symphony Hall, and delivers on that sound with an impressive 26-speaker Bang & Olufsen® audio system. Virtual Venues Live monitors the interior through an in-car microphone and simultaneously creates signals that reproduce the sound field characteristics of the selected space. Then, the system minimizes and stabilizes in-car noise according to the speed of the vehicle while delivering audio through its 26 speakers.

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