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Video The all-new ID.4 GTX | Head meets heart | Volkswagen

Video Volkswagen ✅ The head says choose electric. The heart says choose exciting. The all-electric ID.4 GTX with all-wheel drive. Head meets heart. ✅ The all-new ID.4 GTX | Head meets heart | Volkswagen ⏩ Video content: The all-new ID.4 GTX | Head meets heart | Volkswagen 0:01 we humans are full of contradictions 0:04 […]

Video Bar raising on the racetrack, with Rory Reid

Video Lamborghini ✅ Take a great television presenter and journalist who knows everything about Super Sports Cars. Add a circuit and an incredible Super SUV and there you go: here’s the review of our Urus Performante by Top Gear’s Rory Reid. Enjoy. ✅ Bar raising on the racetrack, with Rory Reid ⏩ Video content: Bar […]

Video How-To Adjust My Modes in your BMW with BMW Operating System 8.

Video BMW ✅ BMW iX xDrive 50: Power consumption in kWh/100 km (combined, WLTP): 23,0-19,8; Electric range in km (WLTP): 550-631 ✅ How-To Adjust My Modes in your BMW with BMW Operating System 8. ⏩ Video content: How-To Adjust My Modes in your BMW with BMW Operating System 8. 0:01 Choose your mode! 0:02 BMW […]

Video This 1968 Dodge Charger Has A 1000bhp ‘Hellephant’ Engine | Top Gear American Tuned ft. Rob Dahm

Video Dodge ✅ Stellantis chief designer Ralph Gilles is best known for icons like the Chrysler 300 and the fifth-gen SRT Viper. But a 1,000-horsepower, carbon-fiber-body Hellucination 1968 Dodge Charger built by SpeedKore is his pride and joy. What started life as a rusty barn find is now a completely custom restomod powered by a […]

Video Farmtruck TURBO Engine Swapped 240SX is Nucking Futs

Video ✅ The 240SX has gone from a drift car to collector item in just a few years – however Nate from the Circle of Drift Podcast makes sure he get’s 100% use out of his S13 Coupe. With a 6.0 liter farmtruck LS motor swapped and a giant turbo – this drift car shows […]

Video BIG TURBO Buick Regal is the Ultimate Tuner Troll

Video ✅ What makes the perfect sleeper tuner car? This Buick Regal GS sure does make a great argument. With the factory supercharger swapped for a single turbo with a result of 400 horsepower straight to the front wheels! With Buick known as the boring old person brand – they managed to make this thing […]

Video Car Culture Has Changed: 2012 vs 2022 (Part 2)

Video ✅ Car Culture arguably saved me from a lifetime of no direction. It gave me a sense of community, purpose, and goals in life. However in the past ten years the car culture of 2012 is long gone and 2022 is almost unrecognizable… for better or for worse. Let’s take a look back and […]

Video A 300HP Chevy Sonic Makes No Sense (Big Turbo Chevy Sonic)

Video Chevy ✅ What is the most overlooked hot hatch platform of all time? The Chevy Sonic might arguably be one of the contenders. With its 1.4 turbocharged 4 cylinder engine the Chevy Sonic RS was one weird decision by Chevorlet. From being in the fourth transformers movie to a rental car, the Sonic was […]

Video The Dodge Charger Widebody Hellcat is Hilariously Dumb

Video Dodge ✅ The Hellcat engine has changed the game in the automotive industry. Forcing others to react and kick off another horsepower battle of the ages – the impact of this platform was unavoidable. So when Dodge one day had the bright idea to put the Challenger Hellcat engine in the Dodge Charger – […]

Video A 600HP Chevy Cobalt SS is a Type R’s Worst Nightmare

Video Chevy ✅ ZZperformance who has mastered the Ecotec engine platform was kind enough to throw me the keys to “SNOBALT” – a 600WHP front wheel drive monster that would even make a Dodge Neon SRT-4 blush. After driving a Chevy Cobalt SS with ZZperformance bolt ons as well as the Saturn Ion Redline – […]

Video The New 2024 Honda S2000 Might Be Late to the Party

Video Honda ✅ Today I talk about the Honda S2000 and it’s impact on the automotive industry… while driving the perfect Honda S2000. We take a dive on why I think Honda needs to a build a successor to this amazing car, and also what made them so crazy to drive. ✅ The New 2024 […]

Video The 2024 Acura Integra Type S is Coming and Confuses Us All

Video ✅ Compared to recent car reveals such as the Nissan Z, Toyota GR86, and many more – the Acura Integra’s four door approach didn’t seem to capture the enthusiast community’s heart. Craving a true sequel to the DC2 was a dream that was now 100% fantasy. However the new Acura Integra Type S might […]

Video BIG TURBO Pontiac Vibe is the Ultimate Tuner Troll

Video ✅ I’m always on the hunt for the next WEIRD tuner car of the world. While up in Michigan filming with ZZPerformance, I learned of a big turbocharged Pontiac Vibe in town and I HAD to see it. With its shared Toyota Matrix platform and 2ZZ engine I was curious how this was all […]

Video What Happened to All My Project Cars? FULL Garage Breakdown

Video ✅ Building Project cars can be some of the most fulfilling parts of your life as a car enthusiast. However they can also cause a ton of stress and problems. Today we go through every single one of my projects over the past 10 years and what their current status is – so let’s […]

Video The 2023 Honda Civic Type R Has One BIG Problem…

Video Honda ✅ Back in 2017 The Honda Civic Type R took the automotive world by storm with its sharp handling and agressive styling. With a 2.0L turbocharged 4 cylinder from factory the Civic Type R was all the rage for the JDM and Honda community. Even though the car was front wheel drive it […]

Video WTF Happened to the Lexus LC500?

Video ✅ The Lexus LC500 is an INCREDIBLE car. It sounds amazing, drives smooth, has a great gearbox, and looks GORGEOUS. However the poor Lexus LC500 was overshadowed by its competitors and simply wasn’t known to many. Considered a mix of the Toyota FT-1 concept, Lexus LFA tuning, and RCF design cues – this car […]

Video Is a 600HP Subaru STI Actually Worth It?

Video ✅ The Subaru WRX STI is a car of much debate. From the EJ’s notorious reputation of being either a powerhouse or a wear item – it seems to be pretty divisive car nowadays. I’ve had the opportunity to drive almost every kind of Subaru combination you could imagine – and my conclusions are […]

Video Nissan 240SX’s Need to Chill Out

Video Nissan ✅ Let me be clear – I love my Nissan 240SX when it actually works. Today we dive into the simple culture of the Nissan 240SX and it’s impact on car culture. Huge thanks to Fitment industries for making this video possible! ✅ Nissan 240SX’s Need to Chill Out ⏩ Video content: Nissan […]

Video 1400HP Twin Turbo Viper Review: A GTR’s Worst Nightmare

Video ✅ The Dodge Viper has had one weird reputation. From the car that you simply shouldn’t drive from the danger it presented, to one of the best tuner platforms of all time. Today we hop in this incredible Nth Moto Dodge Twin Turbo Dodge Viper making 1400HP to the wheels. Not only is the […]

Video BIG TURBO Saturn SL2 Is the Ultimate Tuner Troll

Video ✅ Being different in the car community is no easy task – unless you have no choice. Paul decided to take his Saturn SL2 and fully modify it to it’s absolute limit! This Big Turbocharged Saturn SL2 uses parts such as a Subaru WRX airlift kit, an ebay turbo, underglow, and the ultimate 90’s […]