Villa for sale | For sale Villa, Schlüchtern – Ramhol´z, Hanau, Germany, Ulrich-von-Hutten-Straße 34, 36381 Ramholz

Villa for sale – LUXURY LOG CABIN VILLA TUSCANY-STYLE: You are looking for a “slightly different property” near to Frankfurt (45 minutes) or to the cities of Fulda, Hanau, Darmstadt, Schweinfurt, Bad Kissingen or Würzburg?

The main building, built completely (exterior and interior walls) of pine logs, is a delightful place to relax and recover from the stress of everyday work. The location in the middle of the historic landscape park between the foothills of the Rhone, Vogelsberg and the Spessart Nature Park offers plenty of variety for the landlord.

Villa Ramholz is a building of the 21st century. It is not a copy of a classical building, but by the targeted synthesis of several architectural styles it is something unique. Modern and classic are here cleverly incorporated into a single building design. The imposing blockhouse villa is a monument to wood. The entire main building was built in log construction. For this purpose, pine logs were selected that were “chopped” on the outside. The unmistakable look of traditional wood construction is produced by chopping the block beams.

Villa Ramholz is a house with corners and edges and shows its unique self-confident character. There are only a few buildings in the world, erected so consistently as in this construction. It serves primarily one purpose: to offer the residents on a generously proportioned space as much comfort as possible. And at the same time comfort is top priority here. Nothing is dispensed with: The latest building technology (biomass boilers, air heat exchangers, dehumidification, etc.) ensures a good climate and reduces operating costs.

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