Germany property | Real Estate in Germany #3: Bubble or Not? | Buy Real Estate in Germany Now or Will the Market Crash?

Germany property ✅ There is one single question about Real Estate in Germany that everybody is asking right now: Is Real Estate in Germany a bubble? 🤔 ✅ Real Estate in Germany #3: Bubble or Not? | Buy Real Estate in Germany Now or Will the Market Crash?

And if so, when is the German Real Estate bubble going to burst? 🤔

The 3rd video of our Real Estate in Germany series will let facts speak over clickbait news headlines & assumptions people put out there when it comes to the German Real Estate Bubble discussion.

The truth is, that there are good arguments on both sides:
📉 Real Estate prices detached themselves from real valuations
📉 UBS declares Real Estate in Munich & Frankfurt a bubble
📈 Interest rates are historically low which makes Real Estate more affordable
📈 Germany is still not building enough, so the demand is still there

Axel will share his personal opinion if Real Estate in Germany is a bubble & will also ask the question nobody seems to ask: WHY did Real Estate prices in Germany increase so much over the recent years? 🤔

UBS Global Real Estate Bubble Index:

Prognos Immobilienatlas 2019:
Videos Axel mentioned:

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00:00 Intro
01:07 Recap of Real Estate in Germany Series
02:07 Pro Real Estate Bubble Argument 1: Real Estate Prices Increased so Much Already
03:13 Pro Real Estate Bubble Argument 2: UBS Global Real Estate Bubble Index
05:46 Axels Opinion on Properties in German Cities With +4% Return on Rent
07:05 Con Real Estate Bubble Argument 1: Low Interest Rates Made Real Estate More Affordable
09:54 Con Real Estate Bubble Argument 2: Germany Is Not Building Enough Properties
12:42 Does Axel Think Real Estate in Germany Is a Bubble?


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