Beautiful apartment in Germany | APARTMENT TOUR | Berlin, Germany | Life in Berlin

Beautiful apartment in Germany ✅ Here is apartment tour of my Airbnb apartment in Berlin, Germany. Ep 29⬇See more below⬇ ✅ APARTMENT TOUR | Berlin, Germany | Life in Berlin

Finding a furnished apartment in Berlin for five months is not an easy task. I decided to skip the apartment hunting and rented my apartment via Airbnb. I have been very happy about my decision to rent an apartment through Airbnb Berlin, since I have seen my colleagues moving to Berlin and spending countless hours on looking for an apartment in Berlin.

This apartment has really become my home for the past five months. Since I am leaving soon back to Finland I thought it’s about time I made a home tour and showed you around my Berlin apartment. I hope you enjoy my room tour and maybe this will give you an idea of how German apartments look like.

If you want to hear more tips and tricks on how to find an apartment in Berlin, please watch my previous video:

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