Germany apartment | My 350€ Apartment in Germany ll WG in Deutschland ll Shared Flat in Germany ll #WGinGermany

Germany apartment ✅ In this video, I would like to show you how my apartment looks like in Germany. ✅ My 350€ Apartment in Germany ll WG in Deutschland ll Shared Flat in Germany ll #WGinGermany

This is just a usual apartment (WG: shared flat in German), but I just wanted to film and share before I move into a student dorm about a month later. I hope you can get some idea on how a student living looks like in Germany! Enjoy.

00:00 – Intro
00:30 – My room
04:16 – Rest of my flat
05:37 – Wrapping up

Who am I:
If you are new here, my name is Jun and I am a Master student studying microbiology in Germany. I graduated from a US college last year. And I have just finished my first semester of my Master program. In this channel, I am sharing my student life in Germany. I am also planning on talking about productivity and travel along the way. Make sure to subscribe and turn on the notification button because I am posting a video every single week! Thanks for watching my video!

I recently became a blogger on a website called ‘Study in Germany: Land of Ideas’ where people who study/work in Germany share their lives in Germany. This is one of best websites to go if you are thinking about coming to Germany for school or work. Check out the latest posts through the link below!

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How I prepared to come to Germany

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