Euro 2024: Where will the teams be stationed in Germany?

From Norderstedt to Garmisch, let’s explore the accommodations of the 24 teams participating in the upcoming Euro 2024 finals in Germany. Will the home-field advantage be with Germany? Where will France and Italy seek glory? Let’s find out!

The Euro 2024 finals are approaching, and the 24 participating teams have chosen their bases for the duration of the competition. The host team, Germany, will be stationed in Herzogenaurach, reigning champions Italy will “pitch their tent” in Iserlohn, while top contender France will head to Paderborn.

Some notable points:

Germany has a clear home-field advantage, being based in Herzogenaurach, home to Adidas’ modern training center. Could this help the “German Tank” replicate their World Cup 2014 feat?

Italy and Spain, the two teams that faced each other in the Euro 2012 final, have respectively chosen Iserlohn and Donaueschingen. These are both peaceful cities, ideal for teams to focus on their aim of winning the Euro 2024 cup.

Meanwhile, France has decided to head to Paderborn, home of the SVB Arena – a stadium that has hosted Bundesliga matches. This promises to be an ideal training location for Coach Deschamps and his team.

Eastern European teams like Ukraine, Hungary, and Serbia have chosen locations near the border such as Wiesbaden, Weiler im Allgäu, and Augsburg. The proximity to their culture may help them adapt better.

Moreover, the scattered bases from north to south of Germany show that Euro 2024 is indeed a football festival across the country. From Norderstedt in the north to Garmisch-Partenkirchen in the south, fans across the nation will have the opportunity to witness the world’s top stars in action.

Let’s wait and see whether the chosen bases bring luck to the teams or not. Euro 2024 promises to be a colorful football feast on German soil in summer June 2024.

⚽️ UEFA Euro from 1960 to 2021 with 16 championships and 10 countries as champions

⏩ Germany 3 times Euro champions (1972 – 1980 – 1996)

⏩ Spain 3 times Euro champions (1964 – 2008 – 2012)

⏩ France 2 times Euro champions (1984 – 2000)

⏩ Italy 2 times Euro champions (1968 – 2020)

⏩ Soviet Union Euro 1960 champions

⏩ Czechoslovakia Euro 1976 champions

⏩ Netherlands Euro 1988 champions

⏩ Denmark Euro 1992 champions

⏩ Greece Euro 2004 champions

⏩ Portugal Euro 2016 champions

With the participation of the strongest European teams according to the FIFA ranking as of 15/02/2024 such as France (2) – England (3) – Belgium (4) – Netherlands (6) – Portugal (7) – Spain (8) – Italy (9) – Croatia (10) and shining stars like Cristiano Ronaldo, Kylian Mbappé, Harry Kane, Romelu Lukaku to promising young talents, Euro 2024 promises to bring high-level, dramatic matches.

EURO 2024 will take place in Germany from 14/6 to 14/7/2024 in 10 cities in Germany with 24 participating teams. The teams are divided into 6 groups to select the top 12 teams, and the 4 best third-placed teams get a ticket to the knock-out round. The opening match will be held on 14/6 between hosts Germany and Scotland.

Detailed EURO 2024 groups:

⚽️ Group A: Germany, Scotland, Hungary, Switzerland

⚽️ Group B: Spain, Croatia, Italy, Albania

⚽️ Group C: England, Denmark, Serbia, Slovenia

⚽️ Group D: Poland, France, Netherlands, Austria

⚽️ Group E: Slovakia, Romania, Belgium, Ukraine

⚽️ Group F: Portugal, Turkey, Czech Republic, Georgia

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