The heroic journey of the UEFA Euro: Explosive moments and extraordinary performances.

The UEFA European Football Championship, also known as the Euro, is one of the most prestigious tournaments on the planet. Let’s explore the thrilling and tense history of this tournament, where stars shine and explosive moments are created.

Since 1960, the UEFA Euro has brought countless pinnacle matches to fans with eye-catching plays and brilliant performances from top players. Germany and Spain are leading with 3 championships each, while France and Italy are close behind with 2 crowns each.

Throughout 16 Euro tournaments, legendary names like Michel Platini, Zinedine Zidane, and Cristiano Ronaldo have left indelible marks. Platini still holds the record for scoring in a Euro with 9 goals in 1984. Meanwhile, CR7 is the owner of the title of Best Player of the Tournament up to 3 times.

In addition to impressive numbers, the Euro is also full of emotions with countless unforgettable moments. Who can forget Oliver Bierhoff’s golden goal that helped Germany defeat the Czech Republic in the Euro 1996 final, or Zlatan Ibrahimovic’s “scorpion kick” against Italy at Euro 2012?

In 2021, Italy overcame England on nerve-wracking penalty shootouts to win their 2nd championship in history. The dramatic final match concluded a special Euro tournament, when for the first time the tournament was held in 11 different countries.

Wait and see what surprises Euro 2024 in Germany will bring. Will the giants like Germany, Spain, France, Italy maintain their throne, or will a new force emerge? The answer is only on the pitch!

⚽️ UEFA Euro from 1960 to 2021 with 16 tournaments and 10 championship countries

⏩ Germany Euro Champion 3 times (1972 – 1980 – 1996)

⏩ Spain Euro Champion 3 times (1964 – 2008 – 2012)

⏩ France Euro Champion 2 times (1984 – 2000)

⏩ Italy Euro Champion 2 times (1968 – 2020)

⏩ Soviet Union Euro Champion 1 time in 1960

⏩ Czechoslovakia Euro Champion 1 time in 1976

⏩ Netherlands Euro Champion 1 time in 1988

⏩ Denmark Euro Champion 1 time in 1992

⏩ Greece Euro Champion 1 time in 2004

⏩ Portugal Euro Champion 1 time in 2016

With the participation of the strongest European teams according to the Fifa ranking such as France (2) – England (3) – Belgium (4) – Netherlands (6) – Portugal (7) – Spain (8) – Italy (9) – Croatia (10) and bright stars like Cristiano Ronaldo, Kylian Mbappé, Harry Kane, Romelu Lukaku to promising young talents, Euro 2024 promises to bring pinnacle and dramatic matches.

EURO 2024 will take place in Germany from 14/6 to 14/7/2024 in 10 cities in Germany with 24 participating teams. The teams are divided into 6 groups to select the first and second teams in each group, and the 4 third-placed teams with the best performance to get tickets to the knock-out round. The opening match is held on 14/6 between host Germany and Scotland.

Detailed groups at EURO 2024:

⚽️ Group A: Germany, Scotland, Hungary, Switzerland

⚽️ Group B: Spain, Croatia, Italy, Albania

⚽️ Group C: England, Denmark, Serbia, Slovenia

⚽️ Group D: Poland, France, Netherlands, Austria

⚽️ Group E: Slovakia, Romania, Belgium, Ukraine

⚽️ Group F: Portugal, Turkey, Czech Republic, Georgia

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