Germany changed the font of the national team’s shirt numbers because it resembled the Nazi-era SS symbol

The German Football Federation (DFB) decided to change the number font on the national team’s jerseys after discovering that the number 4 has similarities with the infamous Nazi-era SS symbol. The incident caused controversy right before Euro 2024 at home.

DFB affirmed that they were not aware of this unfortunate coincidence during the process of designing and approving the shirt for Euro 2024. However, to avoid causing any unnecessary misunderstandings or debates, DFB decided to intend to act quickly.

In a statement, the DFB said: “We take this information very seriously and do not want to create any discussion forums. We will coordinate with our partner 11teamsports to redesign the number 4 font and agreed with UEFA.”

Adidas, the long-time shirt sponsor of the German team, has also temporarily suspended the personalization option (name and number) on shirts sold on the official website. At the same time, they also stopped delivering shirts bearing the number 44 – which was the most controversial because it resembled the SS symbol of the Nazi regime.

This incident occurred in the context that DFB had just announced a change of shirt sponsor from 2027, when American giant Nike will replace Adidas – a partner with German football since the 1950s.

Although it was just an unintended coincidence, with Germany’s sensitive history and painful wounds, the DFB took timely and drastic moves to appease public opinion. This shows the DFB’s caution and responsibility in preserving its image, staying away from any connection with the dark past.

However, the incident also raises questions about the shirt design and censorship process of the DFB and Adidas. How could such a sensitive detail escape the eyes of so many people for so long? This will probably be a valuable lesson for both DFB and Adidas in the future.

Anyway, with a quick and decisive decision, DFB has shown that they always give the highest priority to the image and value of German football. Hopefully, with the new digital font, the German team will compete successfully at Euro 2024 at home, bringing joy and pride to fans, erasing all unnecessary controversies.

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