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Ronaldo was unlucky, but Portugal dramatically won against the Czech Republic with a decisive goal scored in the 92nd minute

Cristiano Ronaldo was wholeheartedly supported by his teammates in the Euro 2024 opening match against the Czech Republic. Despite this support, CR7 missed numerous scoring opportunities. Portugal was led by a weaker opponent but was fortunate enough to secure 3 points with a decisive goal scored in the 90+2 minute.

Turkey Triumphs over Georgia 3-1 in Group F, Best Match from the Start of Euro 2024

The match between two not highly rated teams was fiery throughout more than 90 minutes, considered the best since the start of Euro 2024. Both sides played at a high pace, shooting a total of 37 times, and the score was breathlessly fought over the entire match.

Portugal came from behind to beat the Czech Republic 2-1 in the 92nd minute in their opening match of Group F at Euro 2024.

After the final whistle, Ronaldo raised his hands to the sky, shouted loudly, and then went to hug 22-year-old midfielder Francisco Conceicao, who scored the decisive goal in the 92nd minute. In his first official match for Portugal, Conceicao scored a decisive goal just two minutes after coming on, bringing a hard-fought victory for the 2016 champions.

Romania triumphed over Ukraine with a score of 3-0 in their opening match of Group E in Euro 2024

Before arriving in Germany, Romania had only won one of their 16 matches played at the Euro, which was when they beat England 3-2 in the group stage in 2000. This time, the team continued to surprise by defeating Ukraine, a team ranked 24 places higher than them in FIFA, to increase their chances of passing the group stage for the second time.

Mbappe suffered a broken nose in France’s 1-0 victory over Austria in Group D of Euro 2024

During a dispute over a high ball in the 85th minute, Mbappe attempted a header but smashed his face into the shoulder of centre-back Kevin Danso. The collision left the French team's captain on the ground, bleeding heavily from his face. Camera angles also showed that Mbappe's nose was misaligned.

A significant stride forward in implementing new referee rules at Euro 2024

The opening match of Euro 2024, Germany 5-1 Scotland, proved that UEFA's new regulations limiting referee discussions to only team captains have had a significant effect. The German and Scottish players not only made efforts to comply with this new rule but also showed good adaptation to it.
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