French luxury fashion house unveils LEGO x Louis Vuitton 200th birthday cake

French luxury fashion house Louis Vuitton has teamed up with LEGO Group to create this stunning birthday cake model. ✅ French luxury fashion house unveils LEGO x Louis Vuitton 200th birthday cake ✅ LOUIS 200 x LEGO ® | LOUIS VUITTON

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Celebrating the 200th birthday of its founder Louis Vuitton, the world-renowned haute couture house has teamed up with LEGO Teams to build a unique celebration. As revealed by Hypebeast, the two companies have combined their creative talents to create a birthday cake made of 31,700 LEGO bricks.

In a promotional video for the model, a specially designed Louis Vuitton trunk is opened by white gloved hands to reveal a cake, decorated by a group of children using LEGO DOTS. A happy birthday message inside includes Louis Vuitton’s 1821 year of birth and an image of his face also appears on the front of the cake. The one-of-a-kind chest features a number of plush cobalt blue lined drawers to store thousands of LEGO pieces.

The LEGO x Louis Vuitton 200th birthday cake model is purely a promotional product not intended for the general public, but it represents the expensive nature and image of the couture house.

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