Video M·A·C is Fashion

Video M·A·C is Fashion

As the backstage Fashion Week makeup authority for over 30 years, M·A·C is at the forefront of bringing fashion to life through beauty – and beyond. We don’t follow trends, we start them. We don’t get told stories, we help create them. We don’t work for designers, we collaborate with them. We don’t make Pro-quality products exclusionary, we make them accessible to all…so you can bring your own unique vision to life the same way our designers do. What story do you want to tell? Let’s create your dream together. #MACBackstage

✅ Video Hot Miss World 2021

👑 Video Naomi Dingli Miss World | MALTA – Naomi DINGLI – Beauty with a Purpose – Miss World 2021
👑 Video Miss World Malta 2021 Naomi Dingli | MALTA, Naomi DINGLI – Contestant Introduction (Miss World 2021)
👑 Video Angélique Sanson Miss World | MAURITIUS – Angelique SANSON – Contestant Introduction (Miss World 2021)
👑 Video Miss World Mauritius 2021 Angélique Sanson | MAURITIUS – Angelique SANSON – Beauty with a Purpose – Miss World 2021
👑 Video Karolina Vidales Miss World | MEXICO – Karolina VIDALES – Contestant Introduction (Miss World 2021)

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