Laundry video – Live Tub Cleaning of LG Automatic Top Load Washing Machine by LG Engineer in Hindi

Laundry video ✅ Watch out instruction to do Tub Clean in LG Automatic Top Load Washing Machine by LG Engineer in Hindi. ✅ Live Tub Cleaning of LG Automatic Top Load Washing Machine by LG Engineer in Hindi

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Using the washing machine in a humid space for a long period of time may lead to a build-up of black mold and germs in the air inside the washer tub and affect your health. If you clean the washer tub regularly on a monthly basis using TUB CLEAN it will keep the washer tub clean for hygienic use.

Periodically clean the washing machine to maintain its performance and to prevent malfunction. If scrud is allowed to build-up in the machine it can result in stains on your cloths or unpleasant smell in your washer.

Scrud is the way build-up that can occur within any washer when the fabric softener comes into contact with detergent, and according to particular degree of dirtiness or quality of water to be use, in these case, use Tub Clean program to clean inner tub and outer tub.

Steps for Tub Clean :

1) Press the POWER button to turn power on.
2) Press the PROGRAM button to select the TUB CLEAN program. Ex large water is set automatically.
3) Press the START/PAUSE button. Left time is displayed.
4) After 10 minutes of water supplement. Add the oxygenated bleach (about 100 to 300 ml)
i) Do not use Detergent box.
ii) Do not place any laundry inside tub.
5) Close the lid. When the lid is open the machine will not operate and an alarm singal will remind you to close the lid.

Precautions :

1) Before using this program remove lint inside lint filter.
2) When using this program, do not place any laundry inside tub.
3) This program takes about 3 hours to be completed.
4) After using this program, remove dirt inside filter.
5) After finishing this program, open the lid of wash to remove irritant odour.
6) Do not pour bleach into the tub directly. It might cause damage the tub.
7) Do not leave diluted oxygenated bleach inside tub for long time. It rusts the tub must drain the remained diluted oxygenated water out.
8) Use this program once for every month.
9) Do not use this program repeatedly.

Tub Clean in Automatic Front Load Washing Machine :

In between washes when the door is closed, mildew aroma builds up in the machine. Sometimes after a wash and rinse cycle the clothes have a slight smell to them.

The smell is from the fact that front-loading washers can have a small amount of water in them after a cycle. Leaving the washer closed between loads creates humidity inside the machine, which then mildews the interior of the machine.

The simplest solution is to leave the door open after using it. This probably saves wear and tear on the door seals too.

The TUB CLEAN cycle is specially designed to remove this buildup. Press and hold the EXTRA RINSE button for 3 seconds to activate this cycle. The display will show a message to add liquid bleach to the dispenser. After the cycle has ended, open the door and allow the drum interior to dry completely.

Precautions : Do not use this cycle with clothes, and do not add detergent or fabric softener.

Other Method to Tub Clean in Automatic Washing Machine :

1) Add tub cleaner or lime scale remover into the detergent dispenser drawer. Do not exceed the maximum detergent limit line when you add it. Detergent may remain in the washer tub after cleaning.

2) When you use liquid chlorine bleach, load it into the liquid chlorine bleach compartment.

3) When you use a powdered cleaner, pull out the liquid detergent cup and add it into the main wash detergent compartment.

4) When you use cleaning tablets, place them directly into the washer tub. Do not add tablet cleaner to the drawer.

5) Use 1 cup of borax to 1 qt of hot water. Mix well and store in a bottle. Put about 1/4 cup in the washer after you remove the clothes. Borax is an excellent clothes brightener, water softener and deodorizer. It is cheap and it makes a great bath time water softener too. Keep it away from children as it is poisonous.

6) To get rid of the current smell, run a cold brief cycle with bleach or hydrogen peroxide, or oxi-clean or a cup of vinegar or a half-cup of borax.

Regular cleaning of the tub on a monthly basis using TUB CLEAN will keep the tub clean and fresh.

We are especially thankful to Krishan Saini (LG Engineer, Hisar) for unique assist for creating this video.

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