Laundry video – LG Mega Capacity 5.2 CU FT Front Load Washer and 9.0 CU FT Dryer Review

Laundry video ✅ A review of LG’s Mega Capacity 5.2 CU. FT. Front Load Washer (WM8000HWA) and matching Mega Capacity 9.0 CU. FT. Electric Dryer (DLEX8000W) after having owned them for over six months. ✅ LG Mega Capacity 5.2 CU FT Front Load Washer and 9.0 CU FT Dryer Review

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Like everyone else I was skeptical of the price of these units at first. But after having used them for several months I can confidently say they are worth every penny.

*June 2018 UPDATE*
After 3 1/2 years I had my first part fail. I received an “OE” error code on the washer which means it can not drain water. After a little research I determined the drain pump was bad. They’re $20 on Amazon and I found one locally for $38. I installed that today and I’m back in action! If you find yourself in the same boat, please just tip the washer back 45 degrees and replace it from the bottom versus removing the top and front panels like some suggest. It could be that the pump just failed, but I fully believe it was a result of negligence on my part for only cleaning the filter on the unit twice in these past 3 1/2 years. It clearly states on the filter door that you should clean it monthly.


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