Laundry video – How High Efficiency Top Load Washer Work

Laundry video ✅ The general operating principle of all washing machines: is to rotate the clothes continuously in the detergent mixture. At this time, the surface of the clothes is rubbed against each other, simulating the movement of washing clothes when washing by hand, helping to remove stains from the fabric. ✅ How High Efficiency Top Load Washer Work

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Adhering to this principle, the vertical drum washing machine is designed by the manufacturer with a rotating disc at the bottom of the drum, which rotates the clothes. But because clothes are an amorphous block, the rotation in the washing process of this machine is often imperfect and irregular. The horizontal drum design helps to increase the friction between the clothes and the drum surface during use. The force of turning clothes is also stronger and more even. So, just as you rub your clothes more closely than when you hand wash them, the clothes washed in this machine will also come out cleaner.

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