Laundry video – LG Front Load Washing Machine FHT1208SWL – Demo

Laundry video ✅ A short demo video of the Cotton wash program. The laundry load includes 10 T-shirts and 4 Jeans Trousers. The whole video wash program has been trimmed to 5 minutes for keeping the video short. The sound from the machine is not modified in any way. I placed a small pot on the top of the machine to sense vibration. The rubber feet does a great job of keeping the machine in the same position, without allowing it to move. ✅ LG Front Load Washing Machine FHT1208SWL – Demo

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Note : I have used the wrong type of detergent in the demo. (used a top load detergent instead of front load detergent powder). Front load powder needs to be used for this machine.

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