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Somebody finally said Hog Rider? Really?!

Attack. Defend. Strategize. Download for free for mobile devices.

From rage-­filled Barbarians with glorious mustaches to pyromaniac wizards, raise your own army and lead your clan to victory! Build your village to fend off raiders, battle against millions of players worldwide, and forge a powerful clan with others to destroy enemy clans.
PLEASE NOTE! Clash of Clans is free to download and play, however some game items can also be purchased for real money

Also, under our Terms of Service and Privacy Policy, you must be at least 13 years of age to play or download Clash of Clans.
A network connection is also required.

– Build your village into an unbeatable fortress
– Raise your own army of Barbarians, Archers, Hog Riders, Wizards, Dragons and other mighty fighters
– Battle with players worldwide and take their Trophies
– Join together with other players to form the ultimate Clan
– Fight against rival Clans in epic Clan Wars
– Build 18 unique units with multiple levels of upgrades
– Discover your favorite attacking army from countless combinations of troops, spells, Heroes and Clan reinforcements
– Defend your village with a multitude of Cannons, Towers, Mortars, Bombs, Traps and Walls
– Fight against the Goblin King in a campaign through the realm

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🌹 How to Play Clash of Clans Strategy Game

Clash of Clans is a strategy game that attracts many players. In the game, you will build and defend bases, train troops and attack other players’ bases. As you earn more resources like gold and Elixir (purple resources), your base will become bigger and stronger! Here’s a simple, easy-to-follow guide to help you get better at Clash of Clans.

👉 Part 1: Start playing the strategy game Clash of Clans

If you are passionate about the Clash of Clans game that has been storming the charts of strategy games, do not ignore this article.

💖 Build and operate your base.

Your first priority is to build a strong base so that no one can take the precious things in your base. You should try to build a Town Hall (main house) in the center of the base so that it is difficult for the enemy to destroy and gain loot.

💖 Enter the Shop and select the items that will protect your base in the “Defense” section.

At first, the things that defend the base well are walls (Wall) and mortars (Mortar). If you build these then you will hardly be attacked by others, stealing gold and Elixir. Since walls can be easily upgraded, make sure you can do this quickly. You should try to upgrade the wall to level 3 as quickly as possible.

💖 Since your resources are limited at first, you should only build walls around the most important buildings.

It would be great if you could protect the Town Hall, Gold Storage and Elixir Storage (Purple Resource Storage). You don’t need to care about Builder’s Hut (the Builder that helps you build and upgrade buildings) or other troop builders. You also shouldn’t try to build a wall around everything. It is clear that it is better to build two strong walls than to build one loose wall.

💖 Use gold, Elixir and gems sensibly.

Do not waste these resources, especially do not waste gems because the supply of gems is very scarce. Do not use gems indiscriminately! Save to build more Builder’s Hut!

Using gems to build Builder’s Hut is a must. You may think about using all the gems, but don’t do that because you will need them later.

The most effective way to use gems is to invest in a Builder’s Hut because this allows you to simultaneously upgrade multiple towers and other defenses.

At first, do not try to build more gold or Elixir brothels because it is not necessary.

💖 Decide if you want to use real money to advance quickly in the game. You can use real money to buy more gems.

In addition to using real money, there are many other ways to get gems. If you don’t want to use real money, that’s okay too. You can earn gems by removing trees and obstacles around your base.

👉 Part 2: Defend your base while playing well in the strategy game Clash of Clans

Build a strong base to protect yourself from attackers. You will feel satisfied knowing that the enemy tried to attack you but failed.

💖 Always remember that defense is the best attack!

Build a strong base to protect yourself from attackers. You will feel satisfied knowing that the enemy tried to attack you but failed.

💖 Make sure your base is built in one place, not scattered around.

Because when you build a base that is too large, not concentrated in one place, it will be easily scattered and easily attacked by opponents.

💖 Build key structures in the easiest places to defend.

Build a Storage and Town Hall in the center of your base, behind strong defenses and walls.

💖 Build a Builder’s Hut in the corners.

When built this way, if the enemy attacks in the middle of the base they won’t have time to hit your Hut.

💖 Continue to upgrade the defense system.

After you’ve earned a lot of resources, make your base stronger by upgrading walls, defenses, and towers.

💖 Use as many traps as possible.

Traps can do great damage to attackers so it’s worth upgrading. Each damage dealt is an easy one to take down sporadic minions and deal heavy damage to more advanced minions. Set traps in places no one would expect.

💖 Defend all your defensive structures.

After playing the game for a while, you can build more advanced defenses like Archer Tower and Anti Aircraft. You should know that each time the mortars (Mortars) fire deal great damage but they fire very slowly. So, build this long-range structure in the center of the base because there are locations where they can’t shoot. If you do not protect the air defense system, you will not be able to do anything to the Healers.

👉 Attack other players in the strategy game Clash of Clans

Challenge other players from all over the world to take home the glory.

💖 Attack whenever possible.

Attack is always beneficial. Not only are you not at a disadvantage, you can also earn valuable items and trophies (Trophy).

You’ll probably want to skip the loot to focus on getting resources from lax defenses. Although each such attack does not earn much, but you will find it easier, not necessarily too invested in your army.

You will soon realize that it is easier to loot resources than to mine them. Of course, you’ll have a lot of fun, too!

💖 Check how much gold the enemy base has before attacking.

You can see the amount of gold in each base you intend to attack. If that base has no gold, don’t attack.

If the base has a huge amount of gold, it usually has a very strong defense system, difficult to attack. However, if you feel like you can still fight, go ahead! It’s okay to be a little bit adventurous!

💖 Attack on the brothel.

You should send troops to attack the gold and Elixir brothels first. After each successful attack, you will gain a lot of gold and Elixir to use.

If you are at a loss, don’t be afraid to withdraw your troops to base. You can always train more troops to prepare for future battles. You need to know when to stop the attack.

When you attack Gold Storage, new gold will be added to your existing gold. Even if your minion is killed during the attack, the new gold will remain the same.

💖 You will earn more resources or rewards if you destroy the entire opponent’s base or Town Hall.

After each attack, make sure you train more minions to replace the ones that died.

To train troops, click on the military house (Barrack) and find the training menu. At first, the best minions are the Barbarian (requires 25 Elixir to train this unit) and the Giant (requires 500 Elixir to train).

💖 Build a Laboratory.

This construction helps you to upgrade your troops so that they have stronger attack power and take better damage. You can also own high-level soldiers such as Archer (Archer), Wizard (Mage) and Goblin (Goblin).

After a while, you can also build a Spell Factory. This building can cast multiple spells to make the attack more effective.

💖 When you start earning loot, it’s time to join the alliance.

Each alliance (League) helps you earn more gold and Elixir after each win. The higher the alliance level, the greater the number of rewards obtained.

High-level alliances also help you earn more Dark Elixir (rare resource in the game).

👉Join a Clan and Stand With Members

You need to rebuild a Clan Castle to be able to join a Clan (in-game guild). After starting for a few days, upgrade your Clan Castle.

After rebuilding the Clan Castle, look for a Clan to join. You need to spend time looking to know which Clan is good. Chances are you’ll want to join a Clan that has many members joining the gaming network around the same time as you.

Clan members can share troops and not attack each other.

Joining a Clan is a good way to find new offensive or defensive strategies.

If you’re already in a Clan, you can chat and learn about other players. You can also participate in fun battles or practice defense with players of the same level as you.

A Clan can participate in Clan War. There, Clan members can directly fight with other Clans and gain huge amounts of resources.

If you don’t feel like the Clan you’re joining, switch to another Clan. If you find that you are in a Clan with members who are too old, too young for you, or speak a language you do not understand, then you should switch to another Clan.

After joining a Clan, you will have the opportunity to become a Clan Elder. You can then remove other members from the Clan.

High level members can donate and share high level troops.

If you don’t really want to join a Clan but still want to talk to other players, you can go to the Global Chat section. Global Chat is an open chat room for online players.

Note that you may be banned from chatting in the Global section if you use offensive words.

🌹 How to play Clash Of Clans with basic ingredients

First, we will show you how to play Clash Of Clans effectively with the basic components in the game. As follows:

👉 Town hall

Town hall is the main house, please upgrade it to have more new houses and always try to protect the main house to be safe. Because, if you are destroyed by the target army, you will lose the battle. Level 10 is the highest level of the main house that all gamers want to achieve when playing. The main house in Clash of Clans across levels.

👉 Builder

Builders are farmers who build houses. The faster you build and upgrade the house, the stronger the defense. Gamers try to plow and save Gem to buy the 4th and 5th farmers to help build houses faster.

👉 Defense

Defense is a home defense system, including the following types:

Mortar: Mortars have strong destructive power, players can build deep inside for better defense. Archer Tower: Archer Towers have defensive effects on the ground and in the air. Wizard Tower: Tower the witch is also quite strong and like the Archer Tower it can defend on the ground and in the air. Canon: This is the Gunner. Hidden Tesla: The lightning defense is also quite strong, the player can open the first one. when your Town Hall is level 7. Use it for air and ground defense.Air Defense: An anti-air missile. This weapon is only used to shoot flying objects (in the air).Wall: This is the wall, an extremely important defensive component to help protect your main house and the Resources below. Of course, Wall can only protect in the ground area, not in the air. Moreover, players will have to spend a lot of gold if they want to upgrade this Wall. X-bow 0 and Inferno Tower: Fire Tower has a defense system when Town hall reaches Level max (Lv 10).Bomb, giant bomb ,spring trap, speeking air mine: Some traps

👉 Resources

Resources are operators, repositories of resources, and include the following:

Gold Storage: This is the Gold Storage that is upgraded with Elixir.Elixir Storage: The Elixir Waterhouse is upgraded with Gold.Gold Mine: The Gold Miner.Elixir Collector: The Elixir.Dark Miner Elixir Storge: The Waterhouse black, can be used to buy soldiers.Dark Elixir Drill: This is also the Black Water Miner that when the Town hall reaches level 8, players can buy it.

👉 Troops

Troops are soldiers, the larger the number of soldiers, the stronger the army and easier to win. In Clash Of Clans, the highest number of minions is 240.

In the game, there will be soldiers like: Goblin, Giant, Barbarian, Archer, Wall Breaker, Healer, Dragon, Balloon, Wizard, PEKKA Barracks soldiers are purchased with Elixir. Dark Barracks house has soldiers like: Minion, Valkyrie and Golem. They are all purchased and upgraded using Dark Elixir.

👉 Treasure

Treasure is the resource, in the video game Clash Of Clans, there are 4 main types of resources: Gold, Dark elixir, Elixir and Gems.

👉 Army

Army As soldiers, here are some types of houses in the game that you can refer to:

Army Camp – Clash Of Clans Soldiers can accommodate up to 4 soldiers

Knowing all the main components mentioned above, you can play the game easily. At first, players should not focus too much on hunting Trophy, because it can make you fail continuously. Instead, spend a few hours a day playing and gathering enough resources to upgrade the Town Hall and defensive buildings.

🌹 How to level up Clash Of Clan fast

Here is a guide to playing Clash Of Clans game to quickly level up:

At the early stage of the game, players should not be greedy to buy Cups, because there is a high chance that they will be beaten by longtime gamers who own more Cups to earn Gold.

Invest 4 hours a day to plow Gold up hall and Defense. Then plow Walls up last because no matter what level the wall is, the Wallbreakers will also be beautiful.

The main house can only upgrade soldiers, from Level 4 and above, having good soldiers will easily plow gold face down and plow trophies.

Priority should be given to upgrading the wizard tower and motar, and the canon and archtower only as cannon fodder. For the castle to go deep into the city, it is best to put it where the Defense is ranked the most.

Most importantly, you should not be upset when you lose Gold or Elixir. Waiting for his army to grow up, Revenge will take revenge.

🌹 Tips to play Clash Of Clans effectively to win

In the process of experiencing this fascinating video game, to easily level up and win the opponent, you need to know the tips for playing Clash of Clans from the beginning to the end of the game suggested below:

👉 When starting to play Clash Of Clans game

Do not focus too much on hunting Trophy when you first start playing, because the possibility of failure is very large. Should not embark on upgrading Town Hall to high, because the cost is high and the reward for going to War is also limited.

Spend several hours a day earning resources for upgrading Town Halls and other defensive structures. When you want to go to War, upgrade all buildings and troops before upgrading the Town Hall.

Let’s start a new production before the War to get the reserve. If you have a way of fighting Clash of Clan that favors Trophy hunting, you should build a Town Hall deep into your territory. Prioritize places with dense defenses to protect the Town Hall at all costs.

At the beginning of the game, players should only focus on getting resources to upgrade the main house and other defensive buildings

👉 When fighting Clash Of Clans game

The important way to play the Clash of Clans game before going to war is to check, locate and destroy the Clan Castle thoroughly before starting to fight.

When gamers want to stop a battle, click End Battle, don’t click on Surrender to surrender. When searching for houses, the first 3 houses always have a Trophy greater than 30 and this level will decrease after each click Next.

Completely destroy the Town Hall with the number of stars received depending on the level of destruction. Details are as follows: 50% destruction gets one star. 100% destruction gets two stars. When you destroy the opponent’s Town Hall, you will receive 1 remaining star.

Empty cells always have traps. Use Goblins to remove traps because they work very quickly and are affordable.

Destroy your opponent’s Town Hall to get more stars. Hit houses with a higher Town Hall than you to earn more rewards.

But be very careful, because otherwise you may become the opponent’s “3-star”. An effective Clash of Clans guide is to drop a Rage Spell or Healing Spell in front of about 3-4 cells to wait for the troops to arrive. This is a way to help prolong Spell effectiveness to the maximum.

🌹 Tips to upgrade well when fighting Clash Of Clans

Players should upgrade everything first and then proceed to upgrade the Town Hall and Wall.

Upgrade the final Wall in Clash Of Clans. Prioritize upgrading defensive buildings such as: Wizard Tower, Mortar then Cannon and Archer Tower.

The best gun upgrade order would be Mortar => Wizzard => Canon => Archer => Air defense => Tesla. The upgrade process should be done evenly across all categories. Do not focus too much on a certain item because it easily leads to uneven development.

After upgrading the Town Hall, don’t forget to upgrade the tank and the Laboratory to store the ingredients. At that time, the soldiers also grow stronger to protect the Main House and fight better.

Gamers should prioritize upgrading the necessary things first.

Just now is a guide to playing Clash Of Clans for basic beginners and the most effective tips we have compiled from the experience of longtime gamers.

Hope the above information can be helpful for you, especially for newbies. Hope you can level up quickly and win in Clash Of Clans!

🌹 Top 20 best strategy games of all time

Strategy is a game genre where players constantly observe the map, constantly devise tactics to build their army and base increasingly powerful. In this article, I will introduce to you the Top 20 best strategy games of all time for PCs and laptops that are steeped in history, fantasy and mythology. Let’s explore strategy games together!

👉 Watch the strategy video game Civilization series over 3 million views

This strategy game allows you to become a leader of an entire civilization, a mighty empire fighting a lot of fearsome enemies. Back in the Middle Ages, you will be able to participate in all 6 parts of the game and have your own experience.

Against other great leaders, who are very famous in history, you will certainly feel extremely satisfied every time you win one of them. The military scenes, fiery and intense battles will surely bring a lot of excitement and a dreamy feeling of domination.

👉 Watch the Starcraft series strategy video game over 2 million views

Starcraft has always been one of the names appearing in most of the best strategy game charts of all time. Famous for a long time in the gaming community and making a good impression, Starcraft has always had a strong foothold despite the appearance of many new and interesting strategy games on the market. Starcraft offers a different and new experience with a lot of unique gameplay, especially diverse tactics.

In the game, each race has a different strength and weakness, players need to calculate the strategy as well as deploy troops to occupy the necessary positions on the map to control the match well. The key to winning or losing is the ability to control resources. A strategy game that is easy to play but not easy to win.

👉 Watch the strategy video game Warcraft series over 31 million views

If you don’t like the alien style of Starcraft, you can choose Warcraft with the ancient mythological style of Warcraft, a super game with familiar construction and army management gameplay with many unique improvements. . Like Starcraft, players will play as a general with the task of holding, managing resources and building armies to destroy enemies. Warcraft sets itself apart by bringing role-playing elements to the gameplay through champions.

These generals play a very important role in strategy with the ability to level up and equip the most advanced weapons to increase strength as well as skills that can turn the situation perfectly. This is also one of the reasons why this game has become so successful.

👉 Watch the Command and Conquer series strategy video game over 1 million views

One of the most famous strategy game series, set in the future with sci-fi weapons for an epic experience in intense combat Command and Conquer gameplay often requires players to build Build bases and gather resources, invest in the continuous production of military units to attack and conquer enemy bases.

All of the factions’ structures are chosen by the player, entirely built on a network called the “construction yard” – usually starting with large mobile vehicles capable of successfully carrying out the above missions. When the construction yard becomes the main house, other buildings will be built around that area and become your military base, with different units of soldiers will have their own special abilities, helping you to Feel free to create tactics and go to your own victory.

👉 Watch the strategy video game Total War series over 24 million views

Total War is a series of strategy games developed by The Creative Assembly. The game includes both turn-based strategy and resource management combined with real-time tactical battles, providing many interesting experiences.

Total War possesses all the most advanced features, but the main selling point of this game is that in each version, Total War will simulate the classic battles of the old war. Take for example the version of Total War: Three Kingdoms set in the Three Kingdoms, allowing you to fight with Luu Bei, Trieu Van, Truong Phi… in your own way. A perfect game for those who are passionate about strategy games and world history.

👉 Watch the strategy video game Warhammer 40,000 Dawn of War series over 6 million views

Warhammer 40,000 Dawn of War returns to the basic design of the real-time strategy series. The game transcends all frameworks of the turn-based genre and places players in real-time combat. The game still uses some classic designs such as gathering resources, building functional towers, skillfully coordinating the units of soldiers gathered in a group to overcome the levels and perform tasks. assigned task.

However, these factors are cleverly balanced and geared towards the multiplayer part. The single-player part has an excellent storyline that is cleverly directed and extremely engaging. In the latest version Warhammer 40K is highly appreciated along with improvements in graphics, Warhammer 40K is becoming more worth playing than ever.

👉 Watch the strategy video game Age of Empire series over 11 million views

Age of Empire, also known in Vietnam as “Empire”, is a line of historic real-time strategy video games, originally developed by Ensemble Studios and published by Xbox Game Studios. . The first part came out in 1997.

Up to now, the game has had eight versions released. Age of Empires focuses on historical events in the world in Europe, Africa, Asia and some countries in the Middle East. Players can choose from countless armies from different continents to build a mighty empire that dominates the world.

👉 Watch the strategy video game Crusader Kings over 4 million views

Crusader Kings is a real-time grand strategy computer game set in the Middle Ages, co-developed by Paradox Interactive and first published in 2004. The player assumes the role of leader of an empire. The institution existed between 1066 and 1453 AD.

The important task of the player is to try their best to develop, expand the ruled land, expand the power, occupy resources, build armies and strongholds. Fight, invade, conquer as well as impose your own legal and tax system with hundreds of other countries across Europe, creating a powerful empire.

👉 Watch the strategy video game Sins of a Solar Empire

Sins of a Solar Empire is a real-time strategy game with no bounds in space. In it, the player controls one of three different races: the industrial TEC, the telepathic Advent, and the alien Vasari. A 3D lattice is created of planets and other celestial bodies in the plane of the orbits of one or more stars. Players can conquer neighboring planets and explore distant star systems. Notably, the title doesn’t have a Campin mode, but can be played against offline AI opponents and other online players. Quite an interesting point, isn’t it?

👉 Watch the strategy video game Europa Universalis over 1 million views

Europa Universalis is a strategy game developed by Paradox Development Studio and published by Strategy First in North America in 2000. Based on a French board game of the same name by Philippe Thibault, Europa Universalis allows the player to take control. of one of seven European countries (others can be played in different scenarios).

In the game, the player expands his power through the military might, diplomacy, and wealth of the colony. The game takes place on a map divided into about 1,500 provinces and takes place in a time format. can actually be paused.

👉 Watch the strategy video game Hearts of Iron over 6 million views

Hearts of Iron is a real-time grand strategy wargame set in World War II between 1936 and 1948, developed by Paradox Interactive and published in late 2002 by Strategy First. Iron focuses on the existence of nations before and after the second world war, the player is allowed to take control of any nation that survives during the war. Not only that, players can manipulate or just witness different events taking place in the war. Everything in Hearts Of Iron is focused on tactics, the balance of army, navy, air force, to resource and industrial needs.

There are three main alliances in the game, the Allies, the Fascists, and the Communist International that the player can join or stay out of. The game ends when only one alliance remains standing or at midnight on December 30, 1947, and the winning alliance is determined through a victory points system, scoring points for the alliance to control areas or key city.

👉 Watch the strategy video game Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft over 7 million views

Hearthstone – an online card game with a familiar gameplay like Magic: The Gathering or the famous game Yugi-Oh, getting acquainted with Hearthstone is quite easy. In Hearthstone, the player will have to get acquainted with both the champion, and the main task will be to destroy the opponent’s champion (reducing HP to 0).

Each turn, the player can perform all kinds of actions as he likes. The difference is that in each turn, the player will have to spend a certain amount of Mana, and this amount of Mana will be restored gradually after each turn. The amount of Mana is limited and gradually increases with the turn to make the strategy in Hearthstone more attractive, and also make the match last longer. It can be said that this is the biggest highlight of Hearthstone compared to the familiar card game in Yugi-Oh.

👉 Watch the strategy video game Final Fantasy Tactics over 7 million views

Final Fantasy Tactics is a tactical role-playing game developed and published by Squaresoft (later Square and now Square Enix) for the PlayStation platform. Released in Japan in June 1997 and in the United States in January 1998. The game combines staples of the Final Fantasy video game series with a unique combat system. Final Fantasy Tactics is set in a fictional medieval-inspired kingdom called Ivalice, created by Yasumi Matsuno.

The story follows Ramza Beoulve, a high school teenager who finds himself thrust into the middle of a complicated military conflict known as the Lion War, where two opposing factions of nobles are coveting the throne. of the kingdom. As the story begins, Ramza and his allies uncover a sinister plot behind the war.

👉 Watch the strategy video game Teamfight Tactics over 5 million views

Teamfight Tactics belongs to the genre of chess strategy game (Auto Chess), after the great success of Teamfight Tactics PC, Riots quickly developed a Mobile version for gamers to have more new experiences. Teamfight Tactics gameplay is a place to compete with dignity between 8 players. Each character in the match will be equipped with 100 health, using good judgment to stay until the end will be the winner.

Gold and experience are the two pillars that help you quickly achieve success at Teamfight Tactics. Here, experience will determine level, gold will help you collect rare items and generals with ultimate skills. The “switching” Riots are excellent in both visual and audiovisual, quality graphics with shimmering, vivid, and dynamic moves that will definitely bring you to the world of chess with dignity and charm. There’s no way out!

👉 Watch Battle Realms strategy game video over 2 million views

Battle Realms is a real-time strategy game, the context shows typical elements of Eastern culture such as buildings, weapons, or mighty sacred dragons. Besides famous strategy games like Age of Empires, Warcraft, … Battle Realms also received a strong response from players. The gameplay of Battle Realms focuses on using human resources to mine resources, develop powerful armies, and build amazing buildings.

The unique feature of Battle Realms lies in forcing gamers to upgrade and use smart soldiers, because human resources to exploit resources are also resources in construction and military. Entering the game world, Battle Realms gives you 2 choices: become a cold-blooded bandit or become a peacemaker against bandits and preserve the villagers. The game has attractive gameplay and excellent graphics, so it is very successful in capturing the hearts of millions of gamers.

👉 Watch Battletech strategy video game over 2 million views

The context revolves around the human world in the future, at this time the nobles are ruling the whole world, the proletariat people are arrested and sent to fierce battlefields to fight each other for survival. . You will become a formidable mercenary and control a modern state-of-the-art machine called Mech (Chariot). Each chariot has its own characteristics, skills, attack power and efficiency. Depending on your play style or style, choose for yourself a suitable effective assistant.

Battletech is an engaging turn-based strategy game that brings gamers into endless dramatic battles. Players must keep a cool head to decide on a smart fighting method and breakthrough to win a resounding victory. The sound and visuals are meticulously elaborated, the smooth action sequences combined with the fast-paced sound push the drama to the climax. Battletech has received countless great prizes such as: Game Critics Awards, The Game Awards 2018, … Promises to bring you exciting matches that will make you addicted for hours and hours without stopping!

👉 Watch the Bloons TD strategy video game 6 over 13 million views

Bloons TD 6 is set in a species when humanity is no longer the owner of the Earth, but instead apes take the throne. At this time, Earth is being invaded by aliens and plots to overthrow. Play as the mighty leader of the monkeys and assemble an army to stop the balloons from invading the key point base. Bloons TD 6 is an interesting tower defense game, bringing you to many different emotions.

The player’s task is to build a strong defense by skillfully combining gun weapons, improving and utilizing the power of the mighty army to stop the enemy. In particular, you can completely cast special abilities, detonating balloons on their marching path before they enter the tower. Bloons TD 6 has a fast-paced and fast-paced game, so if you are new, it will take a while to get used to.

The game has colorful graphics, even though you are a gamer, there is no violence or gore. Therefore, it is very suitable for many different generations of gamers, try Bloons TD 6 today!

👉 Watch RimWorld strategy video game over 3 million views

If you are a fan of the base building genre, then RimWorld is a name not to be missed. The game belongs to the science fiction genre, because RimWorld is set around an alien planet in the vast vast universe. Entering the game world, players step by step explore new lands and exploit resources to build a strong base and create the city of their dreams in their own style. To develop your base to prosperity, you have to go through challenges to the death of pirates, storms, floods or natural disasters, …

RimWorld simulates the exciting journey of collecting colonies and your main task is to build a base base. In addition, you need to run activities such as exchanging, buying and selling, making weapons, etc. To make the journey more unique and many goals to strive for, the publisher has integrated many more tasks. side with different difficulty levels for gamers to conquer step by step. RimWorld has quite dark graphics, clearly showing the base area combined with vivid sound, which is a highlight for Rimworld.

👉 Watch the strategy video game Cities: Skylines over 9 million views

Have you ever wanted to build a dream city with many impressive architectural works? Your dream will be realized step by step right in the world of Cities: Skylines. With just two empty hands and a sharp mind, players step by step build a city full of skyscrapers with a thriving economy. Gamers show off their talents to become talented strategists, strictly manage revenue and expenditure sources, and intelligently allocate budgets for facilities and many other things.

In the world of Cities: Skylines, not only can you create an impressive city in a unique architectural style, but you are also free to build a prosperous city under your control. Show off the power of a talented leader with city development strategies that will make you squeal with excitement. The minus point of Cities: Skylines is that there is no vivid day and night effect, but owning modern urban buildings is the reason why many gamers are “fascinated”. The dream of becoming a powerful leader and building a city filled with happiness will be realized right in Cities: Skylines.

👉 Watch the strategy video game FTL: Faster Than Light over 19 million views

Transform into a talented commander on the way to uncover hidden secrets in the vast universe. FTL: Faster Than Light requires players to make smart decisions to help all members of the fleet preserve their lives when encountering dangerous irony situations. The journey has to go through many hardships and obstacles, but players need to keep a cool head and sharp judgment that will help you conquer all difficulties. The feeling of overcoming challenges, smashing dangers will definitely bring you with great emotions.

Each mission in FTL: Faster Than Light has to face directly with a cruel enemy with a variety of different events. Therefore, your decisions greatly influence the results later. In addition, the crew members belonged to many races, and they all possessed different special skills. Holding the power of an ingenious commander, you need to make reasonable arrangements for the members to promote their strengths in dangerous situations.

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