Pan Xiaoting – Video billiards hot girl | Final Frame!!! (6 Balls)

Pan Xiaoting – Video billiards cute girl > 20 Milion view 🔥 Ronnie O’Sullivan VS Pan Xiaoting (6 balls) in China in 2016 ✅ Final Frame!!! (6 Balls) – If Like than Subscribe & Share.

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Collection of sexy pictures & videos of Pan Xiaoting playing beautiful billiards:Pan Xiaoting
At 38 years old, Pan Xiaoting is still as beautiful as a girl in her twenties.

Pan Xiaoting
Pan Xiaoting’s pure sexy beauty makes her famous all over the world.
Pan Xiaoting
The championship titles have brought Pan Xiaoting a huge fortune. Pan Xiaoting is very sexy when playing billiards
Pan Xiaoting
At the age of 39, Pan Xiaoting is very sexy and has won all the big and small championships in 9 ball Billards.
Pan Xiaoting
Beautiful, sexy and talented, but now Pan Xiaoting is still lonely. The 39-year-old female player recently revealed the reason for being single in Sina newspaper, the reason being that her criteria for choosing a life partner are quite high. Therefore, being pursued by many excellent men, but no one has made Pan Xiaoting satisfied. However, China’s billiards queen Pan Xiaoting hopes that in the future she will soon find the groom of her life.
Pan Xiaoting
The sexy beauty of thousands of people loves Pan Xiaoting
Pan Xiao
Pan Xiaoting possesses sexy beauty and talent in the top 1 of the world billiards village. The biggest achievement of the girl from Shandong China is the gold medal of 9-ball pool billiards in Asia in 2010.
Pan Xiaoting
Pan Xiaoting graduated from Jiaotong University in Shanghai. In 1997 Pan Xiaoting started playing billiards professionally. In 2006, Pan Xiaoting won the title of WPBA Face of the Year and shined at the Asian Games. In 2007, Pan Xiaoting was the runner-up in the WPBA rankings. In 2010, Pan Xiaoting won the gold medal at the 16th Asian Games held in China. By 2021, Pan Xiaoting is still young, beautiful, sexy and the world’s leading professional billiards player
Pan Xiaoting
The latest image of Pan Xiaoting, the female U40 billiard player is praised as young, beautiful, and sexy as in her twenties.
Pan Xiaoting
U40 Pan Xiaoting still retains her amazing sexy beauty, it’s hard to find a female athlete of the same age who is still as beautiful as Pan Xiaoting
Pan Xiaoting
Pan Xiaoting at the age of 39, young and sexy, still makes many men wait
Pan Xiaoting
Pan Xiaoting used to be the most famous female player in China, both in terms of talent and sexy beauty. After 20 years of professional billiards winning countless awards, in 2006, Pan Xiaoting won the title of WPBA (Women’s Professional Billiards Federation) Face of the Year and shined at the Asian Games.
Pan Xiaoting

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