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Video made from attractive lobster > 130 million views ✅ What do lobsters do? Summary of 15 delicious dishes made from attractive lobsters

The meat of the lobster has a sweet, aromatic flavor, this flavor is almost unique, used to prepare attractive dishes.

1. Grilled Lobster with Garlic Butter
2. Grilled Lobster with Cheese
3. Lobster hot pot
4. Steamed lobster with beer
5. Lobster soup
6. Salted Roasted Lobster
7. Lobster noodles
8. Lobster with garlic butter sauce
9. Lobster porridge
10. Lobster fried noodles
11. Lobster Sashimi
12. Steamed Lobster with Lemongrass
13. Lobster with garlic
14. Lobster with tamarind sauce
15. Boiled Lobster

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Discover 15 delicious dishes from simple delicious lobster at home!

✅ 1. Grilled Lobster with Garlic Butter

Lobster is a highly nutritious seafood ingredient and is loved by many diners. In addition to the boiling method, the baking of shrimp will increase the attractiveness of the dish.

Grilled lobster with garlic butter is fragrant with the characteristic butter smell, the shrimp meat is firm and sweet, seasoned just right, the crispy garlic makes you irresistible!

✅ 2. Grilled Lobster with Cheese

Lobster and cheese is a duo that has become familiar to many diners because of its delicious taste, eye-catching taste, and attractive aroma.

Grilled shrimp with cheese is fragrant, greasy but still retains the sweetness of shrimp. When eaten, the stretched cheese looks both delicious and eye-catching.

✅ 3. Lobster hot pot

Lobster hotpot is delicious and attractive to diners with a fresh, aromatic tamarind and tomato-flavored sour-sour hot pot, making the dish more balanced, fresh and attractive.

Lobster hunts meat, sweet and chewy, served with hot pot sauce and fresh vermicelli, served with fresh crispy vegetables to catch the taste. Add a cup of chili fish sauce or green chili salt to dip when you eat!

✅ 4. Steamed lobster with beer

It doesn’t take too much time, with just 10 minutes, you have a very delicious steamed lobster with lemongrass beer to treat the whole family. Instead of putting in a pot of boiling with cold water as usual, try the delicious steamed lobster with lemongrass beer.

The natural sweetness of shrimp blends with the aroma of lemongrass, adding a little spicy chili sauce or mustard even more stimulating the taste. The way to prepare this dish is extremely simple and does not take time, giving you a delicious dish to add to your family menu.

✅ 5. Lobster soup

Lobster is often used in dishes as a high-grade ingredient that brings a lot of nutritional value to users, especially soups.

Lobster soup with broth, delicious taste, adding sweetness of fresh shrimp, corn, shiitake mushrooms and carrots, very delicious. This is definitely a delicious dish full of nutrients for your whole family’s meal, show off your talent.

✅ 6. Salted Roasted Lobster

Lobster is a seafood that everyone who hears the name has only a feeling of infatuation because it is so delicious but also full of nutrition. Today will be a new creation when processing into a fried dish that is roasted salted lobster.

Surely when you finish making this lobster dish, you will be very excited and do not regret taking the time to make it. Lobster with tender meat is delicious to every fiber mixed with spicy chili salt and a little bell pepper to help stimulate the taste.

This dish of roasted lobster with salt and pepper can be used as a drink or simply as a snack. Come on, let’s just say this, what are you waiting for without enjoying your finished product right away!

✅ 7. Lobster noodles

Lobster noodles are processed quickly and simply with delicious and unique flavors made right in your home kitchen.

The noodles are soft, fragrant, soaked in an extremely attractive sauce served with tough, sweet lobster, the aroma of onions and mixed sauces, making the dish even more attractive.

✅ 8. Lobster with garlic butter sauce

Lobster with garlic butter sauce with the fatty aroma of butter, the natural sweetness in lobster mixed with spices will give you an unforgettable and extremely delicious feeling.

The rice is placed on a plate and the lobster is laid out, sprinkled with some of the butter mixture earlier to make the dish more delicious. At the same time squeeze a little yellow lemon juice on top of lobster and rice and you have a nutritious and delicious meal right away.

✅ 9. Lobster porridge

Seafood porridge is a dish containing a lot of nutrients, easy to eat, suitable for all ages. Today, Dien May XANH introduces to you how to cook delicious and nutritious lobster porridge simple and easy to make at home.

Lobster seafood porridge promises to impress the whole family with its sweet and rich broth along with nutritious seafood dishes. Delicious lobster, naturally sweet and chewy meat will make you fall in love.

✅ 10. Lobster fried noodles

Delicious and unique lobster fried vermicelli is a dish that both provides nutrients and helps you change your taste on days when you are tired of rice.

Lobster fried vermicelli has a characteristic aroma, and each vermicelli is soaked in spices with beautiful colors. The soft, chewy, non-sticky vermicelli noodles with delicious, chewy lobster meat will surely be your favorite dish!

✅ 11. Lobster Sashimi

Sashimi is a pretty famous dish originating from the land of Japanese cherry blossoms and conquering many diners by its pure and fresh taste.

Lobster Sashimi is a dish that is both nutritious and extremely attractive. Shrimp meat is soaked with fragrant crispy ice and retains its natural sweetness along with fragrant dipping sauce. The food is not only beautiful but also “beautiful”!

✅ 12. Steamed Lobster with Lemongrass

Steaming is a method of preserving the inherent flavor of ingredients, especially for seafood. Lobster is inherently sweet and delicious, so it doesn’t need to be processed or seasoned too much.

Just add a few branches of lemongrass, the fresh scent of lemongrass is extremely suitable when processing with lobster, making shrimp meat fragrant and creating a characteristic scent, keeping the sweetness of shrimp.

The steamed lobster with lemongrass will become even more delicious when it is dipped with a little salt, pepper, and salt, which will make you fall in love!

✅ 13. Lobster with garlic

Garlic-fired lobster has a very specific and eye-catching flavor with deep-fried shrimp shells, the shrimp meat is both chewy, sweet, and fragrant, combined with deep-fried garlic and a little bit of salted butter is the most perfect combination. .

Lobster has a very high nutritional content, contains very little fat, but is high in protein, and has a delicious and attractive taste.

✅ 14. Lobster with tamarind sauce

Lobster with tamarind sauce brings a unique, sour, sweet and strange taste that is extremely attractive. The sweet and sour taste will help diners enjoy it more, not only that, lobster with tamarind sauce also increases the sweetness of shrimp meat but catches the taste, will not make the lobster dish boring.

This is a unique and novel dish that brings a new wind to your family menu, giving family meals a new flavor, enriching daily meals.

✅ 15. Boiled Lobster

No need for sophisticated processing, just bring it to boil, lobster is always a scrumptious dish that conquers all diners.

Lobster inherently has sweet, delicious and attractive meat, plump, crispy, chewy meat with its own unique flavor that cannot be found in any other seafood.

With just a few simple steps and a little time, you have a delicious and attractive boiled lobster to treat your family!

The article introduces how to make 15 delicious lobster dishes with unique flavors that make the family menu richer yet extremely simple and easy to make at home that anyone can do. Good luck with these recipes!

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