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Video Food ✅ Nicola Bailey, a cheesemonger at Eataly in New York City, takes us behind the scenes to demonstrate and explain every tool she uses to prepare and present their famous charcuterie selections. From machetes and industrial meat slicers to mozzarella paddles and harp wires, see everything the pros use day in, day out. ✅ Every Item In A Cheesemonger’s Toolkit | Bon Appétit

0:00 Introduction
0:14 Machete Knife
0:38 Offset Knife
1:05 Vertical Meat Slicer
1:31 Gravity Meat Slicer
1:55 Scimitar Knife
2:34 Double-Handle Wire
2:58 Harp Wire
3:22 Box Wire
4:04 Scoring Knife
4:40 Stiletto Knife
5:02 Wedge
5:38 Chitarra
6:10 Mozzarella Cooking Pot
6:50 Paddle
7:39 Slate
8:05 Cheese Fork
8:27 Cheese Spreader
8:56 Pronged Knife
9:15 Chisel Knife
9:34 Heart Knife
9:50 Raclette Grill
10:35 Conclusion

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