Video 6 Ways To Make Scrambled Eggs: Tested & Explained | Bon Appétit

Video Food ✅ Chef Harold Villarosa tests 6 different ways to make scrambled eggs, breaking down all of the variables in play when preparing this seemingly straightforward breakfast staple. Does adding milk make for creamier scrambled eggs or just diluted ones? Should you add salt to the uncooked eggs or only once they’re in the pan? Unkle Harold tries each method out, explaining each step along the way as he chooses his all-around favorite way to scramble. ✅ 6 Ways To Make Scrambled Eggs: Tested & Explained | Bon Appétit

0:00 Introduction
0:32 Gordon Ramsay’s Soft Scramble
3:13 Cornstarch Scramble
4:37 Daniel Patterson’s Poached Egg Scramble
6:25 Alton Brown’s High to Low Scrambled Eggs
7:46 BA’s Best Low and Slow (3 Ways)
9:22 Deli Style
10:44 Ranking Harold’s Top 3 Methods

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