Video How To Make Thanksgiving Stuffing Biscuits | From The Test Kitchen | Bon Appétit

Video Food ✅ Join Kendra Vaculin in the Bon Appétit test kitchen as she demonstrates how to make stuffing biscuits – just in time for the holidays. All the herby and aromatic flavors of a classic Thanksgiving stuffing—sage, rosemary, fennel seed, oniony scallion–are packed into this tender biscuit. ✅ How To Make Thanksgiving Stuffing Biscuits | From The Test Kitchen | Bon Appétit

See Kendra’s full recipe here:…

0:00 Introduction
0:38 Mix the dry ingredients
1:18 Prep the herbs
2:16 Form the dough
4:34 Assemble the biscuits
5:47 Freeze the biscuits
5:58 Brush the biscuits with buttermilk
6:06 Bake the biscuits
6:48 Plate the biscuits with butter
6:56 Taste!

Director: Jeffrey Kornberg
Editors: Michael Imhoff
DIT: TJ Fabian
Director of Photography: Lauren Pruitt
Creative Producer: Blake Jesse
Associate Producer: Halie Aaron
Culinary Producer: Kelly Janke
Food Stylist: Christina Aiello
Camera Operator: Kristen Potts
Audio: Kurt Pierce
Production Assistant: Destyn Fuller-Hope
Post Production Supervisor: Stephanie Cardone
Supervising Editor: Eduardo Araujo
Associate Director, Post Production: Nicole Berg

Bon Appétit Video Team
June Kim
Ali Inglese
Dan Siegel
Maria Paz Mendes Hodes
Rhoda Boone
Vivian Jao
Jonathan Wise
Holly Patton
Myra Rivera
Kandace Selio
Brittany Turk
Billy Keenly

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