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Video Food ✅ Chris Cheung, chef and owner of East Wind Snack Shop in Brooklyn, demonstrates how to make 8 types of dim sum including the “holy trinity” every chef is judged by: their siu mai, har gow, and roast pork bun. ✅ How To Make 8 Types Of Dim Sum | Handcrafted | Bon Appétit

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0:00 Introduction
0:32 Har Gow Filling
1:24 Wrapping Har Gow
2:52 Siu Mai Filling
4:50 Wrapping Siu Mai
5:45 Roast Pork Bun Filling
6:44 Wrapping Roast Pork Bun
8:06 Spring Roll Filling
10:17 Wrapping Spring Roll
11:06 Potsticker Filling
12:01 Wrapping Potsticker
13:20 Frying Spring Roll
13:55 Steaming Roast Pork Bun
14:19 Steaming Har Gow
14:30 Steaming Siu Mai
14:43 Pan Fry Potsticker
15:36 Prep Chicken Feet
16:26 Sauté Chicken Feet
17:30 Prep Clams in Black Bean Sauce
18:00 Sauté Clams in Black Bean Sauce
19:01 Dan Tat Dough
19:51 Dan Tat Custard
20:33 Bake Dan Tat

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