Video New Ford Focus review: Fantastic, but forgotten?

Video Ford ✅ Since its debut in 1998, the Ford Focus has been a hit with UK buyers; the family hatch offers a perfect blend of affordability, practicality and sportiness in a stylish package. The latest iteration builds on this formula with the latest technology and a host of efficient powertrains. However, with the rise in popularity of SUVs, we seem to have forgotten what was once one of the best-selling cars in Britain. Is the Focus still the hatchback heavyweight it once was? Sara Damergi finds out ✅ New Ford Focus review: Fantastic, but forgotten?

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00:00 – Introduction
01:03 – Exterior & design
01:58 – Interior
03:30 – Trim levels & specification
04:34 – Driving experience & powertrains
06:50 – Practicality & boot space
08:34 – Dealmakers & Dealbreakers
09:26 – Verdict

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