Video The Most Competitive Audi? 2022 Audi A4 | Buyer’s Guide | MotorTrend

Video Audi ✅ Audi’s compact sedan is an elegant, luxurious answer to the BMW 3 Series. Is it worth your attention? ✅ The Most Competitive Audi? 2022 Audi A4 | Buyer’s Guide | MotorTrend

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00:00 2022 Audi A4 Intro
01:18 2022 Audi A4 Design
03:00 2022 Audi A4 Interior and Tech
04:40 2022 Audi A4 Performance
05:57 2022 Audi A4 Safety
06:39 2022 Audi A4 Price
07:25 2022 Audi A4 Should You Buy It?

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