Video USA’s 600hp Rolls-Royce REVEALED!

Video Rolls-Royce ✅ There are a whole load of new cars on the horizon, and we’ve pulled together a list of our favourites! For starters, there are a number of conventional cars on the way. For example, the Polestar 3 was unveiled just last week. It’s set to be Polestar’s most powerful all-electric SUV to date, producing over 500hp and coming with a pretty large 14” infotainment screen. There’s also the Jeep Avenger, a new small SUV that rolls up with up to 342 miles of range. ✅ USA’s 600hp Rolls-Royce REVEALED!

However, there’s also a whole host of other cars on the way – and they’re anything but conventional! For example, there’s the Cadillac Celestiq, a super luxurious all-electric saloon that’s set to compete with the Mercedes EQS and Rolls-Royce Spectre!

But trust us, the new cars don’t stop there! For example, there’s the Rezvani Vengeance. This behemoth started life as a Cadillac Escalade, but they’ve made a few changes… Such as making it bomb proof, adding bulletproof glass, and even adding door handles that can shock potential thieves!

The question is, which of these all-new cars is your favourite? Let us know in the COMMENTS!

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