Video Audi A8 v Mercedes S-Class: ULTIMATE LUXURY REVIEW!

Video Audi – Mercedes ✅ Which is the best luxurious plug-in hybrid – the Audi A8, or the Mercedes S-Class? Well, we’re putting them to the test to find out! ✅ Audi A8 v Mercedes S-Class: ULTIMATE LUXURY REVIEW!

When it comes to luxury limousines, it doesn’t get much better than these two cars. The question is, when they both look so good and are fitted with great materials throughout the cabin, can you choose one over the other?

Well, let’s see if we can separate them when it comes to performance! Starting with the Audi, it comes equipped with a 3-litre V6 turbo coupled with an electric motor to deliver 462hp. It drives all four wheels and will set you back at least £86,000 (although the long-wheelbase version we have here starts at £89,000).

Then we have the S-Class, which has a 3-litre straight-six along with an EV motor, which both deliver 367hp and 150hp. We don’t have a combined figure yet though. And no, it isn’t as simple as just adding them both together!

There’s one key difference with the S-Class though – the LWB edition will set you back at least £111,000! Is that enough to make you choose the Audi? You’ll have to stick with Mat to see for yourself!

Audi S8 review:

Mercedes S-Class review:…


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