Video Genesis GV70 review: Better than the Germans?! 😳

Video Car ✅ It’s time to get Mat’s in-depth review of the new Genesis GV70! What’s Genesis? In much the same way that Lexus is a premium, up-market version of Toyota, Genesis is a premium, up-market offering from Hyundai. ✅ Genesis GV70 review: Better than the Germans?! 😳

The latest car from this relatively new brand is this GV70 SUV. It’s an alternative to the likes of the many German SUVs you’ll see (almost without fail) on your morning commute or school run, including the Audi Q54, the BMW X3 and the Mercedes GLC.

You won’t mistake the GV70 for any of those cars, though. It looks completely different from every angle thanks to plenty of Genesis’ signature design details including stacked two-piece headlights and tail lights, a broad, angular front grille and a steeply raked window pillar at the side.

Things get even more eye-catching inside. Genesis has really pushed the boat out for the GV70’s interior and you’ll find loads of posh-looking trims and plenty of plush materials.
It’s just a shame that unlike in most premium SUVs, you still need a cable to connect your phone to the otherwise decent infotainment system.

Another area where the GV70 differs from its alternatives is when you come to pick the engine you want. Unusually, you can choose from petrol, diesel AND electric options. The last of which Genesis claims will return up to 282 miles according to the combined WLTP test.

So, how does this new Genesis SUV stack up against better-known and much-loved alternatives from BMW, Audi and Mercedes? Watch this review to find out…

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