Video 687hp AMG EQE 53 – BMW iX M60 killer?

Video Mercedes AMG & BMW ✅ Mat’s managed to get his hands on the all-new Mercedes EQE SUV! That’s right, the EQS SUV’s baby brother is finally here, and we’ve got access to the hot AMG version. In this video, Mat’s going to find out if this car has what it takes to compete with the BMW iX. ✅ 687hp AMG EQE 53 – BMW iX M60 killer?

This new car may look an awful lot like the EQS SUV, however there are some differences which mark it out. The EQE SUV is smaller and more boxy looking, and it’s got a sporty edge over its larger stablemate. It looks smart, if a bit nondescript. The AMG model gets some tasty upgrades to help combat this, including a deeper front bumper with additional spoilers, as well as 21-inch wheels as standard.

Things get a lot more exciting when you step inside, with the Mercedes Hyperscreen dominating the cabin. This optional setup includes a 12.3-inch drivers display, a huge 17.7-inch central touchscreen and a 12.3-inch passenger display. The AMG version also gets unique graphics for the infotainment, as well as body-hugging sports seats.

Standard versions of the EQE SUV are available with either rear or all-wheel-drive and up to 550km of range Mercedes hasn’t announced power figures for this car yet, however you can expect them to be similar to the EQE saloon. The AMG version gets all-wheel-drive as standard, and up to a whopping 677hp.

Prices for the new EQE SUV haven’t been announced yet, however you can expect it to cost around £10,000 more than the EQE saloon. Question is, which would you have? Stick with Mat to find out all you need to know about this car.

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