Video Morgan Super 3 – 130mph on TWO WHEELS! | Top Gear Speed Week 2022

Video Car ✅ Forget the whole two-wheel vs four-wheel drive debate… what you want is one-wheel drive. A niche choice outside the world of motorbikes, but there is a car that offers it: the Morgan Super 3. ✅ Morgan Super 3 – 130mph on TWO WHEELS! | Top Gear Speed Week 2022

This is the latest in a long line of tripod Morgans that stretches back to the formation of the company in 1910, and despite the retrofuturistic look, it’s arguably the most modern thing ever to come out of the firm’s Malvern factory. They have ditched the 82bhp S&S two-cylinder motorbike engine that was fitted to the previous-gen 3-Wheeler in favour of a 118bhp Ford-sourced 1.5-litre naturally aspirated three-cylinder. Yep, a Fiesta ST engine without the turbo. 0-62mph takes 7s, top speed is 130mph, it weighs a wafer-thin 635kg, and is capable of some interesting 2-wheel manoeuvres with The Stig at the wheel…

Allow Top Gear magazine’s Jack Rix to be your guide on Speed Week 2022’s most unique contender…

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