Video FIRST LOOK: Ferrari Purosangue – £300k+ 4×4 with 715bhp V12 and electric doors | Top Gear

Video Car ✅ Ferrari once said it would never build an SUV. So what does that make this four-wheel drive newcomer: the Purosangue? In Ferrari’s words, it’s not an SUV or a crossover – it’s a sports car. The first four-door four-seater in Maranello’s history, standing 1,589mm tall. A Range Rover will tower over this like an oak tree. ✅ FIRST LOOK: Ferrari Purosangue – £300k+ 4×4 with 715bhp V12 and electric doors | Top Gear

Thanks to a 6.5-litre naturally aspirated V12 mounted behind the front axle under that enormous clamshell bonnet, you’ve got a titanic 715bhp and 528lb ft to enjoy on your way to 8,250rpm. Ferrari says the definitely-not-an-SUV can hit 62mph from rest in 3.3 seconds, scorch from 0-124mph in just 10.6 seconds and top out beyond 192mph. Performance-wise, it’s a supercar.

So, is the ‘thoroughbred’ another cash-grab-SUV, or the next smash-hit in Ferrari’s recent form of sensational road cars? Join Top Gear magazine’s Ollie Kew for a detailed tour around the looks, under the bonnet and inside the most controversial prancing horse ever made…

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