Video New HURACAN TECNICA FIRST DRIVE! The LAST Lamborghini V10 Supercar

Video Lamborghini ✅ This is the new Lamborghini Huracan Tecnica and everything you want to know about it! Mixing the dynamics of the STO with the usability of the EVO RWD, does it make the perfect sweet spot for the V10 raging bull? Let’s have a full look around all the changes and head out for a first drive. ✅ New HURACAN TECNICA FIRST DRIVE! The LAST Lamborghini V10 Supercar

The Huracan has been a hugely successful model for Lamborghini, and the STO has certainly grabbed quite a few headlines in recent times. Now though, the latest addition to the line-up is the redesign Tecnica, housing the same 640hp 5.2l NA V10, a completely new look especially to the front, but also carrying forward some more of the elements of the ‘regular’ EVO RWD model that make it more usable and less compromised.

The front end features design elements seen on the likes of the Sian hybrid few-off car, but rather than the STO’s cofango it reverts to a regular bonnet with storage space beneath – albeit available in carbon fibre if preferred. Equally, the engine cover can be in carbon, with a fixed wing found on the back, above the distinct hexagonal tailpipes offering up a superb V10 soundtrack.

After a walkaround of the exterior, we’re out onto some glorious roads near to Olbia on Sardinia, the perfect environment to make the most of it. Our end destination is the Lamborghini Lounge in Porto Cervo, an ideal spot in the harbour to take a look into some of the Ad Personam personalisation specifications that are available for the new Huracan Tecnica.

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00:00 Intro
01:04 Walkaround
03:05 Engine Bay
04:12 Front Storage
05:46 First Drive
06:16 Driving Modes
10:09 Dynamic Steering
12:57 What Do I Like About Current Lamborghinis?
14:54 Initial Thoughts
17:54 Arriving in Porto Cervo
18:59 Interior Tour
24:59 Lamborghini Lounge
26:48 Second Lamborghini Tecnica
28:01 Final Thoughts
29:21 Wrap Up

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