Germany modern house | Buying a house in Germany

Germany modern house ✅ Buying a house in Germany is not an easy peezy task, you need to take care of so many things and one of them is also about the TAXes which comes while and after buying a house. I found this Website YOURXPERT where you get a FREE INITIAL ASSESSMENT of your case and then you will receive an offer for a fee-based consultation. If asking a question doesn’t cost a dime then why not just ask it. ✅ Buying a house in Germany

——————-Contents of the video————————————————————
00:00 Intro
00:39 Reasons to buy a property in Germany
01:30 Advantages of buying a house
02:03 Procedure of buying a property
02:39 Factors that can effect mortgage
03:17 How to look for an apartment or a house
03:30 Estate agent’s fee
03:51 Contact banks and finalizing mortgage application
04:20 Contact notary
04:48 Notary’s fee
05:08 Property sales tax
06:08 Subscribe


Not only taxes, but they also help you review your HOUSE BUYING CONTRACT. Check out this link and also the services linked with it

I would recommend go through this page and check all the services they offer and get the best out of it, where you are spending 100 thousand Euros on buying your first dream house then why not spend few bucks on contract checking so you will be on the safe side from all the scam or some hidden detail.

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