Cheap apartment for rent in Germany | APARTMENT HUNTING IN GERMANY WITH ME! (with rent prices + tips)

Cheap apartment for rent in Germany ✅ The time has come.. I have to move out from my student dorm in Leipzig, Germany and I have to find a new flat / apartement / WG Wohngemeinschaft in Leipzig! Here is my experience and also my tips on how to find a place to live in Germany! Especially for those who wants to live in a WG Wohngemeinschaft and have to do WG Casting! I’ll tell you what to do and prepare for that. Hope you like it! ✅ APARTMENT HUNTING IN GERMANY WITH ME! (with rent prices + tips)

Hello everyone! 🙂

I’m going to do a YouTube & Instagram shoutout in my new videos soon!
Wanna get featured in my next video?
JUST leave a supportive comment in one of my videos OR you can also take a picture/screenshot of my video and share it to your Instagram story!
I’ll choose the lucky YouTube (1) & Instagram (1) users and they will be in my next video!
Good luck x

New to my channel? If so, here’s what you need to know — I’m Naya and I’m studying in Germany, so I use this channel to help you get the information you needed! Not only that, I like to travel A LOT so I really like making daily VLOGS too!


1. What app do you use? Final Cut Pro X
2. What camera do you use for recording videos? Canon M10 & iPhone XR
3. Where do you live? Leipzig, Germany
4. Where are you from? Bali, Indonesia

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